Our Heroes

They’re our heroes. Real heroes.They’re the official SHS heroes and they’re real ‘inspirationals’. A perfect description for these top class pioneering and inspirational heroes of the selfhelp genre. They should never be ignored.

First up…

Napoleon Hill

…one of the very early pioneers of this genre and probably my greatest hero of all when it comes to the workings of the mind and how your thoughts effect all areas of your life.

His book “Think And Grow Rich” was one of the bestsellers of all time and is still massively popular with those of us who like to ‘spread-the-word’…it’s simply brilliant and still absolutely applies 80 years after his original teachings…astounding..!!

A few of the great mans’ inspirational quotes:

“Whatever The Mind Can Conceive And Believe, The Mind CAN Achieve..!”

“Believe And You Shall Receive..!”

“The Habit Of Taking The Line Of Least Resistance Makes All Rivers, And Some Men, Crooked..!”

I had the video of his brilliant “Think And Grow Rich” lecture. Sadly, it’s constantly removed because the Napolean Hill foundation have a problem with it being shown publicly, for free…shame!?!

…however, just go to youtube.com, search for Napolean Hill and you’ll find him…enjoy!

Even better, go here and purchase the book at Amazon…well worth it!

==> https://www.selfhelpsniper.com/go/thinkgrowrich

 Carpe Diem —

Next up…

Robin Sharma

I shan’t bother explaining too much here, just watch these informative and thoroughly inspiring videos:

…and here is his blog if you’d like more info’ and guidance from Robin: Robin Sharma Blog

 — Carpe Diem —

real hero

Greg Frost – A real Inspirational


Mind Secrets Exposed

Go and check out my Mind Secrets Exposed review. Greg Frost and Alvin Huang have created a package with a whole heap of helpful guidance i.e.:

  • manipulate events and circumstances into your favor,
  • manifest an endless amount of wealth,
  • attract the partner of your dreams and
  • use the power of your mind to eliminate any disease imaginable.

Minds Secrets Exposed 2.0 is a proven system. Greg’s own simple description for it is “The Art And Science Of Getting What You Want”. Go check out the free video.

Carpe Diem, Be All You Should Be

Peter EC Kirwan


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