How To Be a Morning Person And Finish Your Day The Way It Begins


If you don’t know how to be a morning person and you’re one of those types that get outa bed in the morning like a bear-with-a-sore-arse (or head if you really prefer), or a dog with a tooth-ache, then the rest of your day is usually unlikely to fair any better – or happier!

how to be a morning person

Waking up like a dog with a tooth-ache is never fun – for anyone!

Starting the day in a rotten mood is just not conducive to finishing the day any better that it actually started as you plow forward letting all the small things piss-you-right-off even more.


A positive and happy morning mind is how to be a morning person. It’s a result of a decent night’s sleep (not necessarily long) and the willingness to start as you mean to go on.

To start the day bright and breezy, you’ll simply need to change your habits. Or at least stop a few of the bad ones.

Helpful Pre-Bedtime Habits

Don’t eat a big meal too close to climbing into your bed. Your body’s digestive system is a hard worker and it doesn’t need to relax at night like your body and mind does. There’s every chance it’ll keep you awake in one way or another.

how to be a morning person

Well, it started off pretty bad!

When it comes to your final meal of the day, apart from not being too close to hit-the-sack- time, try to portion it right. Have slightly more carb’s than protein. Why? Because protein will naturally give you energy, while a decent carb’ will help you relax and doze off into the well-earned rest that your body needs.

For at least 2 hours before you hit-the-hay, don’t partake of stimulants such as alcohol, coffee or dark tea. A little warm milk or one of my favourites, a teaspoon of raw honey in a cup of hot water will do the trick.

OK, without a doubt, most of the bottle of a good whisky or a couple gallons of a good strong beer will definitely switch your lights off chop-chop – i know it – but it does absolutely nothing positive for the mood you (i) wake up in the next morning!

Anyhoo, moving on…

Have a long hot soak in a bath before you go to bed, A shower is the next best thing. The heat will relax taught muscles and still the mind.

Read for a while before sleeping. I read every single night i get into bed (unless of course i’ve had that gallon of beer). Read something, as i do, that takes you away from it all and stimulates your imagination. Whatever is your preference, but preferably not work related.

Make sure the room temperature is comfortable and the bed itself is comfortable. Are the pillows right for you?

Be Consistent

As much as you possibly can, and there will always be exceptions. Keep strictly to a schedule for your sleeping. Your body and mind will get used to it and adapt accordingly so that it’s always easy to lay down and nod off when YOU want to.

how to be a morning person

I hate the world (and everyone in it) this morning!

Go to bed at the same time every evening and then get out of bed at the same general time in the mornings.

You’ll soon train your body and mind to sleep during that period. Hey, you got important things to do and achieve dude/dudess, so laying in that sack until 10am just doesn’t cut it!

Your diet and nutritional intake definitely plays an integral part of your sleep quality. Have your treats on the odd occasion. After all you’re only human and i always believe that a little-bit-of-what-you-like won’t hurt. But in general, you need to eat a balanced, wholesome diet with as much natural foods included as you possibly can.

Sugar laden, carb’ loaded foods will have a negative impact on the quality of your sleep, leaving you listless and tired.

Just Go To Bed Happy

If you’ve had a bad day, been angered, hurt or otherwise irritated in some way,
GET OVER IT. Calm yourself with some deep breathing and visualisations of the perfect future you’re going to have because dwelling on the negative issues of the day is only going to mean you suffer, not those that were responsible for the negativity.

This way, you’ll end up as the perfect morning person no matter what your problems were the day before. You’ll know how to be a morning person without even trying!

You’ll benefit and everyone who deals with you during the day will also benefit and be cheered themselves by your happy-go-lucky morning personae…what could possibly be better?


While i know i’ve probably simplified things a little here, because i’m generally an annoying and irksome (my wife’s words, not mine!) morning person, everything i have said makes perfect sense and works.

Being human, i do have my bad days but i do practice all this myself (most of the time) and while i don’t sleep particularly long hours, i certainly pretty well and usually wake up fresh and raring to go every morning.

Every day that we can do this is a bonus, and something we should all be eternally grateful for…another happy day of smiles, fun and achievement!

* * *

A little something to close the subject…from Edmund Vance Cook:

“Don’t fight with the pillow, but lay down your head

and kick every worriment out of the bed”

* * *

Carpe Diem, Be All You Should Be

Peter EC Kirwan


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