The Importance Of Going With Your Gut And Using Your Intuition


You’ve heard of a “woman’s intuition”, right..?

the importance of going with your gut

Going with your gut – a perfectly natural phenomenon

First, it really does exist, and second, and as a matter of fact, it isn’t just women (sorry ’bout that ladies) that understand the importance of ‘going with your gut’. Men and even kids experience it and use it on a pretty regular basis too. So, in essence we all use it – and more often than not, without even realising it.

Yep, that gut-feeling, when you KNOW someone’s BS-ing you, especially when it’s someone you know so well, someone very close. That gut-feeling when you just KNOW the idiot driver of that car hasn’t looked your way before he pulls out in front of you at that intersection. That gut-feeling when you KNOW something’s a little “out-of-whack” with that “supposed” investment opportunity that the guy in the sharp suit is pushing on you etc.

The question is: Does “gut-feeling” or “intuition” if you like, enhance or improve your life in any way?


As far as i’m concerned and of course, millions of others – men, women, children, the old and the young alike, the answer to this question is a resounding and very loud YES ABSOLUTELY. It has helped and continues to help a lot of people in many different ways…

the importance of going with your gut

“Sixth Sense” and survival?!

…and not just us ordinary, everyday citizens of the world. Soldiers and policemen very often gain what they call a “gut-feeling” or “sixth sense” or an “instinct” about the situation or place they are in or the case they’re investigating, which very often saves not just their own lives and the lives of their team members, but also the lives of countless innocents!

Then of course you have the entrepreneur or the “astute businessman” or “business-woman” who never appears to make any real bad business or financial decisions (unlike myself – but that’s another story) but just keeps building up assets, money in the bank and influence in their chosen fields of endeavour.

What exactly Is It?

According to, intuition is: “direct perception of truth, fact, etc., independent of any reasoning process; immediate apprehension.”

…and: “a keen and quick insight.”

Basically, when you’re using your intellect, your mind, you’re being fully rational, physically calculating and crossing all the T’s and dotting all the I’s, whereas when your intuition, that “gut-feeling” kicks in, your “instincts” are stronger than your intellect and arise from a whole different place of knowledge and wisdom.

It’s said by some that “ancestral memories” play a big part in what we know as Intuition!

The Importance Of Going With Your Gut
  • It’s empowering, as simple as that. You instinctively know that everything you need to live a happy and fulfilled life of your own design, is already within you, is part of your psyche. You already know all the answers for being successful in every aspect of your life – the great job, the strongest relationships, the best health.
  • Going with your gut-feeling means you’re always going to be maki
    the importance of going with your gut

    It’s never wrong!

    ng the right choice for you, which in turn ensures you gain and retain self-confidence and an absolute trust in your own decisions.

  • When you FEEL, or when you instinctively KNOW, that something is either wrong or right, then the success you dream of will absolutely become a reality.
  • knowing you’re decision is the “best” decision for you is always a confidence booster and self-confident people are always successful!


Although everybody has the ability, it isn’t everybody that can fully open their minds and give themselves over to their intuitive or instinctual nature, thanks mainly due to modern day education and way of life. We’re “educated” by the media and told what we MUST do and then we’re told HOW we must act by our peers.

Stop listening to others and start listening to your inner-self. Always trust your gut-feeling. You’ll be amazed by how often that intuitive, but persistent, “inner-voice” is on-the-money. It’s a very efficient weapon for fighting against the wrong decisions for you and your chosen road ahead.

* * *


And that my friend, is the difference between your intellect and your gut – very well said that man!

* * *

Carpe Diem, Be All You Should Be

Peter EC Kirwan


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