The Elixir Of Life Provided By Mother Nature – Apple Cider Vinegar


Yup, apple cider vinegar, the honest-to-goodness Elixir Of Life. A natural, nutrient-rich liquid that the father of medicine, Hippocrates, used for treating and healing his patients as far back as 400 BC…or so!

He said: “Nature is the healer of disease”…and he was (and still is) dead right!

elixir of life

Fermented from apples…the miraculous, multi-purpose ‘elixir of life’

As far as i’m concerned, good physical health is all part-and-parcel of ensuring our good mind-health and personal growth.

This good old latin saying says it all: mens sana in corpora sano”

In English, it’s as simple as this: “a sound mind in a sound body”

It makes perfect sense and is spot on and 100% the truth…your physical health WILL and DOES effect your mind health, your attitudes and your overall well-being!

The poisons that we consume i.e. processed foods like sugar, and GM foods like wheat, and the the ointments, deodorants and shampoos that we put on our bodies, not to mention the toxic household cleaners and polishes that we happily splash and rub on anything that doesn’t move, are destroying our physical and mental health…fact!


Apple cider vinegar, more commonly and more simply known as ACV, is the “Magic Elixir” or ‘Elixir Of Life’ that has been around and has been made good use of for many thousands of years.

elixir of life

It’s been around a long, long time!

We know for a fact that the Romans, the Greeks and the ancient Egyptians used ACV to heal, to energise and to keep themselves strong and healthy in all ways.

Of course it isn’t really magic, but is in fact the result of organic apples going through a double fermentation process, thus producing and preserving a goodly amount of thoroughly natural and very necessary health-benefitting nutrients…with the added extra, very special ingredient, known as “Mother”.

Mother of vinegar, or ‘Mycoderma Aceti’ is the result of the combining effects of acetic acid and a cellulose that develops whilst fermentation is underway. It contains it’s own unique outstanding health-promoting nutrients as well as gut-friendly bacteria. All critical for your overall health and bodily pH balance…

…and you don’t have to rely on thousands of years of “hearsay” and “folklore”. There’s plenty of scientific evidence documented and filed away for posterity as a result of trials and tests already carried out, and still ongoing, that verifies all that us supporters already know about ACV…mother nature has provided us with yet another product, packed with all the goodies our body needs.

A quick note before i go any further: you have to use the cloudy stuff, not the crispy clear type. That cloudy murkiness proves the “Mother” is in your ACV.

Mother Nature’s Elixir Of Life contains: 

♦ Magnesium – for your heart health

♦ Iron – for your blood health

♦ Potassium – for your heart, liver and kidneys

♦ Pectin – for assisting control of your blood pressure

♦ Calcium – for your teeth and bones

♦ Ash – for ensuring your body maintains a healthy alkaline/acid balance

♦ Vitamins – A, B C, E

♦ Anti-oxidants – lycopene, niacin, thiamin, riboflavin, beta-carotene

It does ‘stuff’…

♦ One recent study showed that regular consumption of ACV significantly decreases the risk of cancer of the esophagus.

♦ Participants of a Japanese study undertaken over a twelve week period showed that regular consumption helped with weight-loss – the studied group ended up with a lower BMI and much less visceral fat than those who did not regularly consume ACV.

♦ Clinical trials showed that cancerous cells growing within the prostate were actually slowed.

And this amazing elixir of life can do even more…

There is just a massive array – i mean literally a ton of uses, for ACV via drinking or using as a salve, a rub-on. But there is just one very simple rule…DILUTE!

elixir of life

“Mother” is always right!

It’s actually very acidic, so it really doesn’t taste too good straight, and then you’d certainly feel it going all the way down. It’s always good practice to mix it with water i.e. if a specific remedy requires you to swallow 3 teaspoons of ACV, just mix it into a glass of water.

For every individual treatment, it’s simply  about the ACV to water ratio. An easy to grasp methodology with the right guidance and a little practice.

A couple of simple home remedies:
elixir of life

So soothing!


  • ¼ cup of water
  • ¼ cup of ACV


Mix water and ACV – gargle 20-30 seconds – rinse with clean water – repeat until comfortable.

* * *


  • Cotton bud or clean finger
  • Teaspoon of ACV


Rub the teeth with the undiluted (this is one of the very few exceptions) ACV, then rinse – last thing before retiring to bed.

* * *

elixir of life



  • Bath of lukewarm water
  • 1 cup of ACV


Add the ACV to the bath water and soak for at least 10 minutes for relief.

Apple Vinegar Cider is one of the MOST natural substances that you can use for just about anything and everything:

♦ Detox – helps to remove all those nasty toxins from the liver and strengthens the cardiovascular system.

♦ Heartburn – believe it or not, even though acidic itself, ACV helps to relieve reflux.

♦ Candida – due its’ naturally occurring enzymes, it will cure your gut of uncomfortable bloating and infections.

♦ Weight Loss – a couple of teaspoons added to 14-16 ounces of water and then sipped during the day has shown to significantly increase overall fat loss.

♦ Aftershave – fill a small bottle with equal amounts of ACV and water and VOILA, a natural and invigorating aftershave balm.

♦ Hair – as a rinse, especially for the ladies, it’ll boost body and shine.

♦ Your Home – it can easily replace other chemically-based toxic products normally used for cleaning or air-freshening…including in the bathroom.

And this honestly isn’t everything. When i say “Multi-Purpose” i mean “Multi-Purpose”.

There is an almost endless array of things for which you can use one of mother nature’s greatest gifts…far too many to put into print here.


The “man-made” crap that we’re now finding in our supermarkets for consumption or for ‘fixing’ ailments is usually heavily processed, genetically modified or pumped full of nasty antibiotics, growth hormones or pesticides. Mother nature can still provide us with a lot better…

ACV, the elixir of life, is just one of the many “mother-nature-provided” natural bad-health prevention foods that you should definitely use. It isn’t expensive and it goes a long way. Get it, use it and enjoy the health benefitting results.

* * *

Here’s a great ‘hit-the-nail-on-the-head’ poem i found to finish this off, from ‘Justapoet’:

Apple Cider Vinegar, or ACV
A strange subject for a poem?
Well, maybe.

But there is nothing oh so good for you
And about this I don’t jest
For a multitude of illnesses
It really is the best

For acne, it will clear it up
In about a month’s time
Don’t believe me?
You should have seen mine!

My back and chest were covered
The doctors didn’t know
I read about ACV and thought why not?
And gave it a good go

My skin is clear and healthy
I really have a glow
And thanks to drinking ACV
My acne does not show!!

What else? I hear you ask, 
Its uses are so many
For aches and pains, diabetes, weight loss
You must try if you have any

I really do not kid you
Read up and have a think
The only problem with it
Is the taste (yuk) and the stink!

* * *

Carpe Diem, Be All You Should Be

Peter EC Kirwan


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