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Use It Or Lose It – How To Stay Strong And Vital In Your Golden Years

A QUICK PREAMBLE: Hmm…use it or lose it. I was actually thrashing this article around in my head for what amounted to several brain-frozen days before I could ‘put-pen-to-paper’, or in my case, before I could ‘put-clumsy-sausage-sized-fingers-to-keyboard-that-needs-a-serious-clean… …what I mean is, i really wasn’t sure how to write this without insulting anybody of the older-adult community. Yes […]

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The Truth Is Finally Out – The Health Benefits Of Coffee

A QUICK PREAMBLE: Well at last, the health benefits of coffee have been made official. Another one of the many household food stuffs that has over the past several decades been wrongfully ‘much-maligned’, has finally been declared once more as “good-to-go”…by those who actually know what they’re talking about! It’s something i’ve always believed in and certainly something […]

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The Biggest, Most Ridiculous Bullshit Reasons For Smoking Ever

A QUICK PREAMBLE: The biggest, most ridiculous bullshit reasons for smoking ever, are a creation of the very human ability of being able to make excuses ‘NOT to do something’. And the millions of misinformed, ignorant or simply self-destructive people who still smoke, despite the very well known and massively documented dangers of the addiction, are particularly adept at doing exactly that. CUTTING […]

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