Are You Being A Sheepdog Or Just Another One Of The Sheep?


The ‘being a sheepdog’ analogy perfectly suits the question: are you steadfast in your unique beliefs and actions or just another head-in-the-grass sheep?

being a sheepdog

Are you part of the herd? Just feeding from the hands of the inept and opinionated non-doers?

I’m admitting right up front that for the sake of asking and answering this question, i’m definitely taking a somewhat large, but totally respectful, liberty with Lt. Col Dave Grossman’s brilliant analogy for the honourable art of being a sheepdog.

His great lecture is actually about a much bigger and much tougher (though very much related) subject than we’re going to be chatting about right now, but a great and worthy read should you wish to take the time to do so.


Anyhoo, i digressed a little there, so back to the subject at hand…

…are you doing what YOU NEED and WANT to do? Are you taking all those necessary steps to achieve your goals on YOUR road toward achieving your passions and desires?

Have you taken full control of your life and your destiny by putting in the must-do effort of what must be done…are you being a sheepdog?

Or are you just plodding along the same route as thousands of others and following the you-should-do-and-shouldn’t-do “opinions” and totally-devoid-of-experience “advice” of all those that, if you look a little closer, have actually achieved next to F-all (or most often, absolutely F-all!) in their lives…the sheep, the people who want but don’t do?!

Being a Sheepdog – Being You
being a sheepdog

The unique you!

The analogy here is really simple. Being a sheepdog means you are being uniquely you and you’re doing what your road to your future dictates you must do. Not doing what others feel you should be doing or how they believe you should be acting…because that’s how they live and act!

Our world consists of individuals with individual needs and desires. You’re one of those very unique individuals, don’t let that go.

Fulfil your own destiny, your way. Separate yourself from the “One Mind” thinking of the sheep and be true to YOUR unique and ‘authentic’ life.

Listen to your intuition, your gut, and you will retain your freedom to travel your unique road and not the road that others would like to influence you to travel…their roads are unique to them, NOT you!

A little food for thought:

“It’s Better To Be Yourself And Have No Friends, Than Be Like Your Friends And Have No Self!”

Head Down And Arse Up?

You don’t have to do what is “expected” by others just because they’ve always been afraid of taking risks and don’t believe that they’re big dreams have ever been possible to attain. After all if they’re dreams are just ‘impossible’, then yours obviously are too, right?

Absolutely and totally fkn wrong!

“Head down and arse up” is a perfect mantra for pushing yourself on and getting a big task or an important goal done-n-dusted. It is not, however, a ‘life’ philosophy. Stop being one of the herd!

Stay Loyal To Your Desires

Life has a habit of taking many twists and turns (it would be pretty boring otherwise), so yes, you do need to adapt and sometimes refocus, maybe even change or redefine certain goals…BUT…your overall main desire/s must remain your driving force and never forgotten

being a sheepdog

Stay loyal and forge ahead – YOUR way!

Never forget the unique traits that set you apart from everyone else, keep your resolve strong and persistent.

And never forget that there is always a price to pay, whether that be effort, time or cash – or a combination of all three. You can’t avoid them. They are necessary while you’re taking those vital steps toward your goals and your ultimate dreams

Keep on keeping on and stay loyal to your unique road ahead…your way!

Take a Little Time To Chill

This is important: don’t forget the things you enjoy as pastimes. The recreational things that motivate and energise you, or just simply relax you. They are important to your overall mindset.

In fact, your chill time and the ability to partake in your favourite pastimes whenever you like, should be a major part of the reasoning behind your dreams of success.

I’m sure you’ve heard the old proverb: “All Work And no Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy”. It has huge merit. The last thing you want to do is sabotage your own efforts of reaching your goals in life because you’re doing so much ‘work’ and nothing else.

Take a break now and then and enjoy what you enjoy so that your work, while on your road to success, also stay enjoyable.


You are a unique individual. There’s nobody else like you. You are defined by your individuality and your unique desires. Be persistent, take all the necessary steps you need to take and keep on YOUR road to YOUR success.

Nobody controls you – unless you want them to. Clear your head Know what you want. Understand what you need to do to get you what you want and then quite simply stick to your plan and go for it, your way!

* * *

A couple of great quotes you should never forget, from Ralph Waldo Emerson:

“All the mistakes I make arise from forsaking my own station and trying to see the object from another person’s point of view”

“What goes on around you…compares little with what goes on inside you.”

* * *

Carpe Diem, Be All You Should Be

Peter EC Kirwan


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