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This site is definitely more about you than either myself or any of the SelfHelp Sniper team, but i really feel you need to know just a little bit about whether what we have to say is worth listening to or not, so just a snippet about us all here at SelfHelpSniper.com:

We’re a team of guys and girls, led by me (often debatable!), Peter Kirwan.

An eclectic, somewhat simple group (some simpler than others) who have all been through their own trials and tribulations of life – BUT – have inevitably found their way to fulfilled and happy lives via the doctrines, anecdotes and products that we dish out willy-nilly here.

We work with the constant aim of reaching out and helping whoever seeks the guidance, that we’ve already been providing in one way or another over the past several years.

So if you feel you need a little guidance for your ‘road’ ahead, go check out our various articles, grab your FREE report and subscribe to our newsletter.

Come join us on YOUR journey!

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