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7 Cures For The 7 Common Causes Of Procrastination

A QUICK PREAMBLE: Don’t panic, the common causes of procrastination, those frozen moments of total indecision, are not as many, varied or complex as a lot of people would have you believe them to be. And it certainly isn’t difficult to address those causes either. Why do it today when you can do it tomorrow, right? Then […]

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Use It Or Lose It – How To Stay Strong And Vital In Your Golden Years

A QUICK PREAMBLE: Hmm…use it or lose it. I was actually thrashing this article around in my head for what amounted to several brain-frozen days before I could ‘put-pen-to-paper’, or in my case, before I could ‘put-clumsy-sausage-sized-fingers-to-keyboard-that-needs-a-serious-clean… …what I mean is, i really wasn’t sure how to write this without insulting anybody of the older-adult community. Yes […]

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The Truth Is Finally Out – The Health Benefits Of Coffee

A QUICK PREAMBLE: Well at last, the health benefits of coffee have been made official. Another one of the many household food stuffs that has over the past several decades been wrongfully ‘much-maligned’, has finally been declared once more as “good-to-go”…by those who actually know what they’re talking about! It’s something i’ve always believed in and certainly something […]

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